What ‘makes’ a serviced apartment?

If you are looking to make it in the Serviced Apartment game, what exactly is it that you should be keeping in mind?

Property Type

Is it the type of property for example, and should you definitely go with a house rather than a flat?


Is it the location that is the most important thing, and should it be prioritized before everything else?

Interior Design

Do decor and furnishings really matter, or can you afford to throw them in as an afterthought?

Whilst we don’t pretend to have all the answers, we do like to think we know what we are doing 😉

And the answer is, yes. All of these things matter in one way or another, and your job is to find the right combination to give yourself the best chance of success. The best way to keep yourself right, is to think one thing; ‘Would I stay here for the night?’ If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

Serviced Accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes…

The truth is, there is no exact rule that states what kind of property serviced accommodation can be. A flat, 6 a bedroom house, converted barn, anything, can in its essence be transformed into a serviced apartment.

However, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your property has at least two bedrooms, and can comfortably house 4 adults. Depending on the target market that you are after, being able to host 4 adults gives you the flexibility to welcome anyone from contractors, holiday makers, to insurance claimants, and means you aren’t pigeon holed into one kind of guest.

Glenboig House a popular 7 bedroom property near Coatbridge

Location matters

The jumping off point for anyone thinking about Serviced Accommodation, is to have an idea of where your first property is going to be. It seems obvious, but you would be surprised how many people fall at this first hurdle! Jumping at a brilliantly priced property helps no one, if you have no target market to stay there. Do your research and make sure you are looking in the right areas.

Choosing a property near to local ammenities is key factor when buying an apartment

Comfort is key

There’s no need to over think it, but it is important that you present your property to the best of your ability. Some decorative accessories and wall art, can make your serviced apartment feel more like home. Including essentials like teas and coffees, and washing up liquid will help build goodwill with you guests.

Making sure that your beds and sofas are comfortable should be a top priority, even if it means you need to pay out a little bit more. It will save you in any guest complaints of a hard night’s sleep, and help to encourage returning customers!

Good quality bed linens are also a must, no-one wants to feel like they are sleeping in someone else’s bed, so choosing the right bedding and laundry service is an essential part of running a serviced accommodation business.

Small details and elegant touches can make all the difference to how guests enjoy their stay

If you have a property and are looking to get started in Serviced Accommodation, give us a call today on 0141 292 6040.

We have a proven track record in SA management and countless happy clients! Take a look here for more information and to download our Property Managers Pack.

5 Minutes with Sandra

5 Minutes with Sandra Martin

We took 5 minutes to have a (socially distanced) chat with our MD Sandra Martin, to find what steps she is taking to deal with Covid-19 and it’s impact on Signature Serviced Apartments.

1. How has Covid-19 directly impacted your business?

Covid-19 has had a direct impact on our business, in that it has made us quickly adapt our business processes and procedures to ensure that our guests and staff remain safe in these unprecedented times.

Our business is still buoyant and we have found many ways to continue to support our clients.

We have developed a number of strong relationships over the years we have been in business, and do not rely solely on booking portals to produce bookings. This has been key to keeping Signature strong in the Serviced Accommodation market, particularly in light of recent events.

2. What (if anything) have you had to do differently over this lockdown period to secure bookings?

We have had to make vital adjustments to some of our usual strategies to ensure that we provide the same level of support and communication, as many of our contacts are now working from home.

It’s also important to remember that things don’t move quite as fast at the moment, so having plenty of patience is also key to securing bookings.  

We have also had to make changes to ensure that we are fully following the government guidelines, and have then informed our clients of the new procedures and precautions now in place.

With the online booking portals closed for the foreseeable future we have taken steps to ensure that current and past clients are updated more frequently on how we can continue to support them. 

We are also maintaining our social media presence, and are  making informative as well as positive, posts on our social media channels. Our aim is to be helpful and provide light relief for our connections on social media, and to let them know we are still here for them should they need us.

Our team has always been able to work remotely, so the need to do this on an ongoing basis was an easy transition. It proved slightly more difficult for some clients to begin with, so we took extra time to help them navigate this new booking process.

3. How are guests responding to the responsible measures that you have had to put in place during this time?

I have to say they have been brilliant, very understanding. I always think as long as you are honest, upfront and fully explain the requirements then people generally respond well. 

We inevitably still have some maintenance challenges or issues that have to be dealt with, but our guests, along with our maintenance and operations teams have been brilliant and able to handle things quickly and safely.

4. What lessons have you learned from this whole experience, that you will use in the business going forward?

Always be willing to embrace change, be ready to adapt and understand that you can never be fully in control of everything.

5. What is the one biggest tip you would share with other SA operators at this time to manage things during this crisis?

This is not forever, positivity for me goes a long way. The market will bounce back.  Use this time to focus on systems, procedures and planning for when we come out of this and aim to be less reliant on booking portals. 

Also, keep in touch with your previous client base, even if you have had to close, and make them aware you will be available when needed.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Strong

Signature Serviced Apartments won Serviced Apartment of the Year!

We are delighted to announce that we won Serviced Apartment of the Year at the 1st ever Hotel Awards Scotland, held at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel on October 1st 2019.

To be the inaugural winner of this award is a special achievement!

Our managing director Sandra Martin had this to say: ‘This is a team award, we are so proud of the work that we do, and it is such an honour to have been chosen in light of the great company in our category!’

As Signature Serviced Apartments continues to grow, we hope this award will show our potential guests and clients, that not only is Signature the largest and most successful property provider in the central belt of Scotland, but that we are a strong figure in the Scottish property management arena as a whole. Especially considering that we have our new Dalkeith Apart Hotel that is opening soon, there are even more ways to stay with Signature!

The whole Signature Team is really proud of this amazing achievement, and a great evening of celebrating was had by all! 💃

See our gallery below for pictures of the fantastic night we had!

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