Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

We are proud to say that we have a fantastic team here at Signature Serviced Apartments! We work hard to make sure that you feel at home, even when you’re not.

Many of you know some, but not all of the team.  From our humble beginnings of a team of 1, we have built up an incredible group of individuals, who work incredibly hard to ensure our clients and guests get the best service.  

Sandra Martin – Managing Director

An experienced company director with 20 years in the hospitality industry both in the UK and the US, Sandra is the heart and soul behind Signature Serviced Apartments, and is the driving force behind the company, along with our Operations Director Mandi. Persuasive as she is hard-working, Sandra understands the importance of making sure that our Property Owners know that their properties are in safe hands, as well as ensuring that our guests get the home away from home experience that they deserve.

Mandi Moore – Operations Director

‘Marvellous Mandi’ is the other driving force of Signature Serviced Apartments. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in operations and sales under her belt, and Mandi knows how to keep things running smoothly here at Signature Serviced Apartments. From answering guest queries, to ensuring that everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be, our Marvellous Mandi gets things done.

Samantha Davidson – Finance and Process Controller

 As a Practitioner of the Chartered Quality Institute and IRCA certified auditor with over 20 years experience in accounts and finance, Sam is tasked with managing our accounts and streamlining processes.  Sam’s experience and expertise enables us to continue to deliver a high standard of service to our customers and help to drive us towards performance optimisation.

Robyn Oakley – Marketing Director

With a background in marketing, as well as an honours degree in English and Film, Robyn is responsible for our marketing efforts. From writing the marketing copy on our property listings, to manning the Facebook page and other social media channels, to collaborating on the website and other marketing materials, if you need something with copy, she is your woman!

Karen Whiteford – Operations Manager 

With her previous experience in hospitality, Karen knows just what it takes to keep all of our customers happy! She tends to the day to day running of the business, and has a big hand in keeping all the wheels turning as they should. From dealing with booking enquiries and customer queries, to administration tasks,  to co-ordinating the cleaning teams, a lot goes into her role! She also is charged with making sure all of the bookings are up to date, lead generation and of course, the all important Onboarding Process for any new properties.